Expert: ruble could leave up considerably after the Christmas holidays

Expert: ruble could leave up considerably after the Christmas holidays
Alexander Abramov from the School of Economics notes that today the national currency of the Russian Federation, there are many chances to escape up against the currencies of the Old and New World, that is the euro and the dollar. The market has fully apprehended the negative oil market, so today the participants are likely to decide to play nervousness. To date, the expert does not promise significant growth, "wooden", noting that if the growth and possible, the insignificant - no more than a few dozen kopecks.

But while experts from all Credit Suisse also insist that if the ruble strengthened and will meet, at the end of the year at the earliest, provided that their forecast for rate increase by the Bank of Russia will be faithful.

The expert notes that the overall situation corresponds to the forecast, and the fluctuation of bets on the projected half a percentage point are not too strong changes. The ruble, and so is relatively stable, not moving away from the mark of 60 rubles to the dollar - the analyst.

With regard to the strengthening of the Russian currency at the beginning of quarter of this year, Abrams says it's still a very interesting and worthwhile hypothesis.

In Russia, funds can come from portfolio investors, at least on paper, where all the same figures on inflation will fall, and all this can lead to a reduction in the rate of the Central Bank. But it is unlikely to strengthen the ruble will be able to more than 55 rubles per 1 US dollar, the more control, more likely, will not leave national currency is far from the equilibrium value - said the expert.

Yet, yesterday the ruble went down because the price dropped and oil. And the last, in turn, it came after it became known that commercial oil stocks in the United States continue to rise.

Today, the dollar exchange rate of 62.63 RUR, and the euro - 71.17 rubles - concluded the analyst.
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