Expert: the script to drop the dollar to 39 rubles real

Expert: the script to drop the dollar to 39 rubles real
Financial Analyst of EXNESS S. Kochergin says that very soon the currencies of countries having the status of major oil exporters, among them also the Russian ruble and it can significantly strengthen the currency of the New World - the US dollar.

OPEC countries which in dollar terms for the year earnings from exports of "black gold" fell significantly, will have to go on one of the two possible scenarios to you. Or reduce the quotas of the resource, or else to weaken their currencies, which are more rigid than the binding to the reserve currency of the world.

The expert also added that the financial regulators the Gulf are forced to spend impressive amounts of money from its foreign exchange reserves in order to cover the deficit and the devaluation of currencies.

As for the Russian Federation, she worried for their currency is still too early, because the ruble is already a year remains in free floating at the behest of the financial authorities and the budget deficit will not exceed and trёhprotsentnuyu mark, provided that one sulfuric barrel of oil will cost at least half hundreds of dollars.

The analyst also said that as part of this week, the head of the Ministry of Oil of Iran has asked his colleagues in OPEC to reduce production of the resource, to raise its price to the level of $ 70-80 per 1 barrel.

If oil does come within the specified range, the pair ruble to the dollar could take up marks in 45-39,5 rubles for 1 "green".
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