The machine for $ 2,000 in six months falls to the Russian market

The machine for $ 2,000 in six months falls to the Russian market
Low-cost car, which costs only 250 000 rub, soon will already be put up for sale under the Russian car market. It is the worldwide budget cars in Russia will arrive in the spring of next year. Production of cars - Indian and created a cheap Qute company Bajaj, which is the largest manufacturer of motorcycle technology. The price of this vehicle in India is only $ 2,000, while in Russia to buy a car can be only 250 000 rub.

What about Qute? First - this is a full 4-seater motor transport mechanism, equipped with 1-cylinder 12.5 hp This machine can develop a maximum speed of only 70 kilometers per hour. Auto Body is made of steel, but the roof - plastic, so the vehicle weighs less than 4 tons per car and the documents referred in general to quadricycles, not cars.

Prior to that, the most economical in terms of shopping was another Indian car - Tata Nano, which cost just $ 3,000, while in Russia the cheapest car remained Chinese Lifan Smily, which initially asked for 320 thousand rub - reported online media.

It should also be noted that in the Russian Federation to start coming only a few hundred cars - and it will happen when the patterns to cope with all trials on winter roads the big state.

Orient to enroll the first batch of vehicles for the period from March to April of next year.
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