Half a billion dollars paid American tobacco concerns for health damage of the US population

Half a billion dollars paid American tobacco concerns for health damage of the US population
New York authorities will be obliged to major US tobacco manufacturers to pay $ 550 million. After lengthy proceedings in court after twelve years of tobacco giants and the US government finally came to a mutual agreement.

Attorney General of New York Eric Schneiderman said that "the major manufacturers have to pay for the damage that tobacco caused and continues to cause the population of New York." But even after the payment of the entire amount of tobacco manufacturers will be held accountable in the future, -added Schneiderman.
The prosecutor said that 50% of the payment will get the state of New York. The remaining amount will be divided equally between the authorities in New York and in several districts of the metropolis. Disbursed funds will be spent on treatment of the population, which has suffered as a result of smoking.
Seventeen years ago, the major tobacco manufacturers gave "good" for the payment of $ 200 billion to some US states as compensation for the costs of the treatment of smokers. The money tobacco giants have pledged to pay for twenty-five years. But after having been paid $ 12 billion in 2003, further compensation payments from the tobacco manufacturers have stopped.

After the US government realized that with further payments "tobacco business", several dozen states filed on tobacco concerns in court. Twenty-two states and then settled their claims in bankruptcy court, except for the State of New York, who agreed to go to compromise, continuing to require 90% of the amount he promised. As a result, long lawsuits tobacco manufacturers agreed to pay 50% on the condition that they will not require any more payments in addition to $ 550 million.

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