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The controller asked the business: How long will the national currency be stable?

Despite the fact that the last six months, the hryvnia exchange rate has stabilized and the foreign exchange market is experiencing a relative calm, the Ukrainian business awaits the impending devaluation of the Ukrainian currency.
National Bank of Ukraine during August and September of this year conducted a survey of the heads of 858 enterprises of the twenty-two regions of Ukraine. Results of the survey regulator has published on its website.
According to the National Bank of Ukraine, the majority of respondents (80.7%) are inclined to believe that a year from the devaluation of the hryvnia is waiting.
The survey also showed that, despite the devaluation expectations, businessmen throughout the year predict a rise in business activity. And if in the second quarter the index of expectations of business activity was 100%, in the third quarter, it rose to 100.2%. The biggest optimists as revealed survey observed in the agricultural and trade fields. Bullish sentiments prevail in the companies engaged in the import.
At the same time, expectations of revival of business activity, some business leaders associated with the need in the near future to take loans from banks (34.9% of respondents). Moreover, the majority of respondents (87.1%) plan to take borrowings in local currency.
As in the second quarter (84.3% of respondents), the survey in the third quarter (90.9% of respondents) shown to increase the number of enterprises seamlessly performing operations on bank accounts.
With regard to the inflation forecast, if the first quarter of businesses expect consumer price growth at the level of 27.3% in the third quarter of this figure decreased and amounted to 25.5%.
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