Earnings of Ukrainians in the currency became three times less

Earnings of Ukrainians in the currency became three times less
Since autumn last year, until the fall of wages in Ukraine fell by an average of more than 30 percent when translated into the currency of the United States.

These data were obtained during the study of the market by the international consulting firm Hay Group, as reported by the agency "UNIAN", referring to an article entitled as "Missed opportunities" in the magazine called "New time".

In particular, the reduction affected all categories of workers. Thus, the average earnings for the year of those who occupy positions of CEOs in the country fell from 59,600 dollars to 55,400 dollars, and as marketing directors, they began to earn 23,000 dollars instead of $ 32 thousand. Top HR managers began bringing home less than 23 thousand dollars a year, instead of the index fall of 2014, which amounted to 26,800 dollars. With regard to the account managers, their salaries have fallen to a level of 7 and a half thousand dollars. Last fall with a mark of 11.3 thousand. USD. For 1 year.

The same situation holds true for workers at other levels.

Most often, a reduction of wages began to fall the staff car traders and developers and those who work in the energy sector and in industry, focused exclusively on the Ukrainian market. Stingy this year and in the financial sector - only a third of employees in this sector recognized this year for salary increase - referred to in the publication.

Thus, in particular, against the backdrop of a global reduction in real wages only software engineers, as well as other employees of the IT sector were no exception - their salaries increased slightly - from $ 15 000 to $ 900 per year. All this happened only due to involvement in the market at the global level, which is also this year began to grow rapidly wages. In particular, American programmers began to receive 18 thousand dollars a year more - their average salary today range from the mark of $ 100 000 365 days.
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