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Land reform in Ukraine will take place in two stages

Maxim Martyniuk, the head of the State Service for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre, told the newspaper "Zerkalo Nedeli" that his agency developed agrarian reform, to be held in two periods, but only after the expiry of the moratorium.

The moratorium will end in 2016 and immediately Gosgeokadastr will begin the sale of agricultural land in state property. The second phase will begin in 2019. At this stage of the agrarian reform provided for the sale of agricultural land to citizens of Ukraine. The main problem of agrarian reform, according to Martyniuk, and at the same time its core - is opening up the market for the sale of land.

In the first phase, which will begin on 1 January next year, the right to purchase agricultural land state property will benefit only citizens of Ukraine. Foreign citizens and legal persons in this stage are denied the right to purchase land.

The greatest interest in the purchase of state-owned land head Gosgeokadastra expect from agricultural holdings. However, according to Martyniuk, need not fear that all the earth will go to these giants, as "most of the market occupied by the middle".

The interest of agricultural holdings in the purchase of land, according to Martyniuk, of about 4 million hectares. This is only a tenth of the agricultural land in the country. But if suddenly the reform goes against the expectations of the department, the number of buyers will be extended. The restrictions in the right to purchase land for foreigners and legal entities will remain.

Earth agricultural purpose Ukraine will be sold exclusively through auctions, which must meet certain requirements: transparency, convenience, accessibility for the maximum number of participants. All these requirements can provide an electronic platform, the development of which is currently occupied by Gosgeokadarstr together with consultants from Europe.

If the first stage all goes well, and the value of land close to a market, the land market will be opened to the public. To fully working state operator of the land market will need to perform the tasks to repurchase land at a fixed price from the citizens. This time Gosgeokadarst plans to create a state operator on the basis of one of the existing state-owned banks, refusing to create a new structure (similar to a previously created the Land Bank).
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